Smart Story Awards 2016 Winners and Entries
  MESA's Smart Story Awards celebrates the people using

  Information Technologies to make smart decisions
  throughout manufacturing value chains.

Miss the deadline? Enter anytime! Voting ends January 1, 2018.

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This awards program is unlike any other in the industry because ALL submissions get exposure and promotion! But, only the top three stories that get the most downloads from the public will win the grand prize... ENTER YOUR STORIES TODAY!

Need help writing your story, refreshing an old story, or just need help filling in your entry answers? 
Contact Pat Panchak, MESA International Board Member 
and Professional Technical Writer and Editor.



A Smart Story entry can be about any topic that describes how IT

was used to make a smart decision anywhere in the manufacturing value chain.

Topics include PLM, sustainability, automation and controls (as connected to IT), ERP, MES/MOM, Metrics, Smart Manufacturing, Cybersecurity, apps/platforms, and more. Entries can also be about analytics or the use of dashboards so long as data was pulled using Information Technologies. The stories are not limited to plant-floor information, and can include supply chains, direct-to-consumer, agriculture, raw materials, and any other level or stage of the manufacturing value chain.  Any and all industries are encouraged to enter.

Stories should be noncommercial. You may use names of products and solutions only in provided questions of entry form and where necessary. A story is any type of content: video, case study, white paper, article, blog post, etc.



HOW IT WORKS & PERKS: Each and every entry that meets the guidelines will get a public summary page in MESA's Resource Library with a link available for members and nonmembers to download the full story.

Each summary page will be promoted to MESA's 20,000+ network of industry professionals throughout eBlasts and social media during the judging term. The promotions will be scheduled in the order the entries are received. Three winners will then be determined by the largest number of downloads from the public during the judging term.

JUDGING TERM & DATES: The judging term lasts through 2017. Submissions can be entered anytime from April 1st to May 31st, 2017. All submissions will be publicly listed on the awards webpage and scheduled out for promotion. MESA will track which resources get the most downloads during the period from June 12th through January 1st, 2018.

GRAND PRIZE: The top three winners will be interviewed in a MESA webcast which will also be added to the Resource Library. And, winners will enjoy other dedicated promotions sent to our network and media partners.


Estimated time to complete is 15 to 20 minutes. Please read the information below before entering your story.

Click here to see an example of how answers will be funneled into a Resource Library summary page. Or, view entries from previous year.



PRICING PER ENTRY: Platinum Keystone Sponsors: $300;  Gold Keystone Sponsors: $350; Premium Members: $400; Basic Members: $450; Nonprofit or Educational Members: $200; Nonmembers: $750

REQUIREMENTS: Before starting the entry form, please have ready a downloadable piece of content that further explains the summary page. This downloadable content could be a PDF of a case study, blog, article, white paper, etc. If you are submitting a video or other type of media, please keep the file size as small as possible because readers will have to download it. There is an area on the summary page where you can showcase an additional supplemental video, other media, or images, but you will still need something for readers to download in order to qualify.

Suggestion: The main media piece that will be available for download needs to be under 60 MB. Any supplemental media to be added to the summary page needs to be under 4 MB. (embed links can be used for the supplemental media)



Q. What if we miss the submission period but still want to enter? 

A. You can submit after May 31st but your judging period may be shorter than the others because it will be uploaded in about a week from the time we receive it.

Q. How many entries can we submit, and do the stories have to be from this year? 

A. You can submit an unlimited number of entries from any year. However, only one story can be submitted per entry form.

Q. Who can submit a story, and can we use generic names? 

A. Anyone can submit a story. You can be a solution provider, manufacturer, university, PR firm, etc. If you are representing a client's story, you can use generic names to keep company names private. e.g. 'Dairy Manufacturer' or '3PL with Freezer Trucks'

Q. What kind of content can we submit? 

A. You can submit any content that we are able to store in our Resource Library. This includes PDFs of articles, blogs, case studies, whitepapers, books & guidebooks. And, downloadable media like podcasts, webinars, videos, etc. Please see the file size restrictions in 'Requirements' above.

Q. Will our submissions be listed anywhere else? 

A. The Smart Story Awards website page will be turned into a listing of all of the submissions on June 12th, 2017. We will promote this page as well as the individual summary pages. Look for #SmartStoryAwards on twitter.

Q. Will the form save my answers?

A. Please set aside 20 minutes to complete this form. The online form does not allow you to save your work and go back to it at a later time to complete.

Q. Do all questions have to be answered?

A. Answers are not required for all of the questions. Most of the questions in the form are similar to information presented on case study summary pages. Please fill out as much as you can and are willing to share publicly.

Q. What if we need to edit our summary page information after we submit?

A. You will receive an email after completing the first form with a copy of your answers. If there are any edits needed, you can send HQ  the edits directly in a reply to that email. HQ will allow only one email of edits per entry. Or, you can wait to be notified when your entry is uploaded into the Resource Library and then you can send one email of edits at that time. Note: Form 2 which is strictly for content tagging will not be able to be edited.



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