Smart Manufacturing Working Group

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Launched in Fall 2014, the Smart Manufacturing Working Group has established our charter, leadership structure and vision for deliverables and is actively engaging in several initiatives that fall under the broad heading of "Smart Manufacturing".  Those activities are gaining momentum, and we are looking for more competent contributors to help steer and drive them.

The ultimate goal of our group is to demystify much of the technology-related information being thrown at businesses today, specifically as it pertains to manufacturing or production-related operations.  The 'Industrial Internet-of-Things', 'Industrie 4.0', the 'Model-Based Enterprise' and 'Smart Manufacturing' are just a few of the evolving terms and initiatives companies must interpret and translate into business value today.  Such interpretation and translation requires broad input and a non-commercial focus, such as is provided by MESA, which is why the Smart Manufacturing Working Group was launched.  

Our working group expects to help provide consistent messaging in Smart Manufacturing-related topics internally and externally, interacting with other industry organizations to drive common understanding for all.  Such collaboration has already begun, as our group is providing a positioning paper on the topic of 'Cloud Services for Smart Manufacturing' to NIST for their work in this arena.  Additional work includes:

  • an overarching white paper explaining the different initiatives, terms and integration standards in industry and tying them to Smart Manufacturing,
  • an expansion of MESA's 'Collaborative Manufacturing Dictionary' to include relevant definitions,
  • a member survey on standards adoption, and
  • a library of 'Manufacturing Business Processes' or 'Use Cases' that map production processes across internal operating departments and supply chains.
Smarter manufacturing won't happen without people exchanging ideas and collaborating across the operations, automation and information technology ranks.  They're not simple discussions, but we're the right people to drive them, and we encourage you to join us.

Chair: Conrad Leiva, iBASEt

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