Technical Committee

Over the course of the last 22 years, MESA (along with WBF) has generated over 800 pieces of content for our members. These materials are available in our online Resource Library, valued at over $13,000,000 USD.

MESA's Technical Committee is the governing body that oversees and drives content creation for the association. MESA has long been regarded for its content, and the Technical Committee is responsible for maintaining the impartiality, non-commercialism and proper focus of these important deliverables.  This team manages our Working Groups, providing the tools and guidelines necessary for content generation, review and publishing, and ensuring the MESA machine is properly engaged to bring value for our members and the industry at large through the creation of the proper deliverables.  Beyond content, the Technical Committee also serves a critical role as a respected body of industry practitioners capable of understanding complex technical and business challenges.

The Technical Committee oversees the work of its subgroups. For details or to sign up, click on the group name on the left menu bar.

Chair: Khris Kammer, Rockwell Automation

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Charter and Responsibilities:

  • Generate technical content in various forms of media (written, webcast, presentation, etc.) on the subject of manufacturing enterprise software solutions. The content shall:
    • Provide superior value content to the industrial community.
    • Promote active participation and growth in membership.
    • Form a credible basis for MESA technical references.
  • Vet internally-generated and externally-submitted content, building consensus among the Technical Committee participants through a formal review process.
  • Format and publish the content with assistance from the MESA's marketing and other committees.
  • Continuously improve, update, and expand the value content of MESA's content library.
  • Align the committee activities with the overall goals of the MESA's membership and board of directors.
  • Each member of the technical committee will actively participate in regular meetings/calls and take individual responsibility for generation and review of content.
Technical Committee Sub-Groups: