"Improvements? I'm not sure how. It was obvious that Dennis has taught this material before and          knows it very, very well. What a great opportunity to learn from one of the leading experts on               B2MML."

      John Roach
      Rho Consulting 

fguimaraes.jpg      "The program is very interesting and provides a very good introduction to MES/MOM, its                            surrounding context and applicable standards. It provides valuable information that helps to speed          up the learning curve on this area."

      Fernando Guimarães
      Critical Manufacturing

placeholder.jpg     "Mr. Snoeij did very great job and I want to thank him for having this wonderful  opportunity to                  offer this training to our employees and customers!

     Antti Varis
     Oy Delta-Entreprise Ltd. 

placeholder.jpg     "This was very good. And it was great to have such an experienced trainer who could really comment         and discuss of topics based on real life examples.

     Jussi Haatainen
     Konecranes Finland

placeholder.jpg     "It is a very good course, I will strongly recommend it for colleagues." 

      Gerardo Medina

YashinParsardSmall.jpg    "The course exceeded all my expectation in terms of both the content as well as how it was presented." 

     Yashin Parsard
     Omnia Fertilizer
     South Africa

placeholder.jpg    "Super program.  Both Teaching and Hosts were great. " 

     James Shortridge
     PAC Engineering, LLC

JohnHorstSmall.jpg      "The instructor, Charlie Gifford, was first-rate and beyond expectations.  His vast knowledge and                  experience in MES/MOM made the class more than the entry fee.   Program content was so rich                  and varied.  " 

        John Horst

"You have done an outstanding job during these four days. The entire team appreciate[s] that. In fact they were impressed with your depth knowledge in the MOM topic and the automation in general..."

Fayez Kharbat
Saudi Aramco
Saudia Arabia

"I must say, I sure wish I attended this course prior to starting this Corporate MES Project.   This is excellent material and so related to what I am doing.  Once again, thanks for your assistance." 

Frank Ciano
Production Information Systems Advisor, Xstrata Copper

"I am glad you are doing this, our industry needs it. Good luck!"

Andy Chatha
CEO, ARC Advisory Group


"Overall Excellent.  Instructor's 25 years of experience in MES standards leads to great discussions."

Bas Mutsaers
Senior Manager, Resources Group, Accenture Plant and Automation Solutions (APAS), Delivery Lead
Australia and APAC countries

"Excellent courses for explaining how to apply ISA-88 and ISA-95 in a practical way and framework."

Craig Gorman
SMB Solution Architect
BlueScope Steel Limited


"As we speak I applied information that I gained from your class and again thank you for that.  Meantime I also passed the PMP exam and I felt that was a walk in a park..."

Ioan Batran
Director Automation Engineering, Coca-Cola Refreshments

"The CoC course is for those shaping the direction of manufacturing information systems. Overall, this was a good use of 4 days of my life (my basic benchmark for training).  Our instructor was knowledgeable and presented the material well.  I think the course title should be changed to something like 'MES/MOM Transformation Leadership' -  it would be more descriptive of what's actually taught."

Patrick Weber
                         Sr. Systems Consultant MBA, PMP, Energizer

"Thank you again for helping to lay an even more solid foundation for our Manufacturing Information systems community. The training personally helped me bring together my past 18 years in this space into a cohesive view and structure I can leverage to improve my skills."

Daniel Murphy
ITDO-Enterprise MES Architect, Johnson & Johnson

"I found the exercise to do the outcourse test to be very helpful to continue to understand and learn about the MOM domain that we live within.  The blinders have come off.  Thanks for your work in the space."

Paula Giorgio
Senior Systems Analyst, a large multi-national CPG company


"Overall Excellent.  Instructor's 25 years of experience in MES standards leads to great discussions.The MESA GEP Program is the first consolidation of MES approaches and really clears up things I have been trying to bring together for 10 years. 

GEP Delegate


"I went to the MESA course looking for information that will help me understand the scope of the ERP system in our re-implementation project. Also I went to clarify where an automated MES system will fit in the future.  I have to say that I came back from this course with a better understanding of what we should do in our ERP and what not.  After the course I was able to prepare a clearer scope for our ERP and the roadmap considering an automated MES as part of our journey."

Elisa Hernandez
                         IT Project Coordinator, Cervecera de Puerto Rico

"Excellent courses for explaining how to apply ISA-88 and ISA-95 in a practical way and framework."

GEP Delegate


"This is the most comprehensive set of courses I have ever followed, providing a full and broad understanding of Manufacturing Execution Systems / Manufacturing Operations Management. I will be recommending to our executives that they follow this program and rely on MESA International as an important source of expertise in this context." 

Jonathon Hill
MES Capabilities Leader with a major Aerospace OEM,
                         Nuneaton, UK

"Thank you for an illuminating educational program" 

Eugene Spiropoulos
MES Marketing Consultant at Yokogawa Marex
Nuneaton, UK


"Overall, I thought the course was great. From my perspective, I learned a lot about MES, particularly from an industry perspective, and the class discussion also helped me to learn about MES in other companies. The instructors were very knowledgeable in their field. They presented their subject material very well and facilitated good discussions when questions were asked." 

Darcy Leigh
Dow Solar Solutions
                         Chicago, USA