Certificate Programs

MESA's Certificate of Awareness (CoA) and Certificate of Competency (CoC) educational programs combine training materials from a broad spectrum of relevant subject matters and courses into a single learning event. Events vary in length of class time and depth of knowledge sharing of each course, as programs are tailored to their intended audience.

Certificate Type is determined by the learning style in accordance with the Bloom's Learning Taxonomy.  In short, Certificates of Awareness are taught at a higher level without the detail/depth delivered through Certificates of Competency.

Three certificate programs are currently available through MESA.  Click on the links below to learn how to earn your Certificate.

1. MES/MOM* Methodologies Certificate of Awareness (CoA01)
2. MES/MOM* Methodologies Certificate of Competency (CoC01)
3. B2MML & Integration Fundamentals Certificate of Competency (CoC02) 

MESA GEP Learning Training Event Prerequisites:  Download a copy of the MESA Global Education (GEP) Training Event Prerequisites.  

*NOTE: MES/MOM = Manufacturing Execution Systems/Manufacturing Operations Management