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Premium MESA Members

Basic MESA Members
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 Certificate of Awareness (CoA)USD 1,650*
EUR 1,595*
AUD 1,760* 
ZAR 13,200*
USD 2,475*
EUR 2,395*
AUD 2,100*
ZAR 17,600*
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 Certificate of Competency (CoC) USD 2,750*
EUR 2,650*
AUD 3,025*
ZAR 21,350*
USD 1,500*-India
USD 4,125*
EUR 3,960*
AUD 4,125*
ZAR 30,250*
USD 2,300*-India
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Certificate of Competency B2MML (CoC) USD 1,375*
EUR 1,650*
USD 2,065*
EUR 1,985*
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*Events in North America, South America, the Middle East, India, Singapore, and China are in U.S. dollars. European events are in Euros. Australian events are in Australian dollars. South African events are in Rands. The listed RAND price excludes VAT and this will be added to the final invoice.

** Credit cards will be charged in USD ($).  MESA accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

Sending multiple people to an event?  Want MESA to come to you?

Leverage Volume Pricing Discounts and In-House Programs to better meet the needs of your organization.  Volume Pricing affords you discounts on training multiple people in our scheduled, public programs, while the In-House option lets you bring MESA to your location to educate up to 20 employees at the same time. 

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Not a Premium MESA Member? 

Premium members receive a substantial discount on the programs.  This is one of the many benefits of membership in MESA.  All employees of organizations holding a Premium Company membership with MESA are eligible to receive the premium member discount.  If you or your organization are not a premium member, join or upgrade today!

Special Offers

Membership Credits and Discounts

All Premium MESA members, both Solution Providers and Manufacturer/Producers, enjoy a discount of over 30% off Basic Member and non-member pricing for MESA GEP events.  But, there's more...

Premium Manufacturer/Producer Company members receive a designated number of complimentary registrations to the Global Education Program. The number of complimentary registrations received is based on the membership size (small, medium or large), as well as the type of Education Program your colleagues would like to attend.  Alternatively, Premium Manufacturer/Producer Company members are able to apply the full cost of the membership towards a Global Education Program (GEP) in-house program.  

MembershipMembership CostCertificate of Competency Seats  Certificate of Awareness Seats In-House Program Membership Credits 
Premium Manufacturer/Producer Company- SMALL $2,750 1 OR 1OR $2,750
Premium Manufacturer/Producer Company- MEDIUM $5,500 2OR 3OR $5,500
Premium Manufacturer/Producer Company- LARGE $11,000 4OR 6
OR $11,000

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Important Note: MESA GEP Instructors are required to disclose all proprietary interest discussed during training events or programs. MESA GEP goes to all efforts during the content development process to reference all sources and to eliminate commercialism.  Instructors are contracted by MESA GEP so there is no source of any third-party compensation related to the presentation.