Jimmy Asher
Executive VP, Manufacturing Transformation
MESA International 

A proven industry professional, Jimmy Asher brings a deep understanding of manufacturing and technology solutions to his role as Executive VP, Manufacturing Transformation of MESA International.  He has spent his entire career in the industrial automation and software space as a practitioner, consultant and software leader in a variety of industry verticals and production modes.

He has held a variety of leadership positions within MESA International as a volunteer, including a seat on the International Board of Directors, Executive Chair of the Finance Committee, and active participation within the Knowledge Committee as a member of the Content Advisory Team (CAT) and Smart Manufacturing Working Group.

Jimmy holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech.  He is an advocate for the MES/MOM space by editing, authoring and presenting at trade organizations.  Jimmy is currently outlining MESA’s program of education, assessment, and execution for Manufacturers to embark on a Smart Manufacturing Journey.