If you're a Manufacturing Enterprise professional looking for the knowledge and connections to help you and your company get ahead, there is no better place than MESA.  Review MESA's New Member Welcome Packet, then use this roadmap to reap the benefits of MESA.

1.       Subscribe to MESAknows Communications: Get the latest news about events, research and resources, and exclusive offers. 

2.       Join the conversation:

.       Read MESA's Blog:

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3.     Choose the membership right for you. Get an individual membership or get your team signed up with a corporate membership.  

                .      Get your name or company listed in the directories.

                     .    Send in your testimonial and meet your peers.

                     .       Find where you fit in the MESA World

4.      Browse over 1,000 Downloadable Resources. Resources include whitepapers, guidebooks, recorded webcasts, B2MML, schemas, etc.

       Get to know MESA Essentials such as:

.       Understand the MESA Model

.       Reference over 1,000 acronyms and definitions in MESA's Collaborative Manufacturing Dictionary

.       See which 'Metrics That Really Matter' from plant to enterprise (p2e)

.       Learn how to make the business case and prove ROI on IT adoption 

5.       Join a committee or working group. MESA has over 17 groups and each group has their own conversations and meetings. 

7.      Attend one of MESA's events or webcasts or an industry-related event or webinar/webcast. 

8.     Get educated with our Global Education Program (GEP). Choose from any of our onsite and online certificates and courses. Plus, Premium Corporate Manufacturing members can credit their membership dues for GEP. That's $10K savings for our large-sized corporate members!  Earn any of the following:         

.       Certificate of Competency : 4 days, earn CEUs

.       Certificate of Awareness : 2 days, high level education, earn CEUs

.       B2MML : 2 days, earn CEUs 

.       Host an in-house private course or certificate program, volume pricing available 

9.     New! Become a MESA-Recongized Practitioner or Business! The best of the best are recognized for their education, experience, and commitment to proving they know what MESA knows. Learn how to earn this prestigious and valuable recognition.

10.   Become a thought-leader.  Learn how you can submit blog posts and content to be heard by MESA's 20,000+ community. Plus, MESA members are often given the chance to speak at events, co-brand papers, and co-host webinars and webcasts.