Your Top 3 MESA Member Benefits 

Whether you're a Manufacturer/Producer striving toward Operations Excellence or a Solution Provider helping your client on their journey, there's never been a better time to join the discussion and join MESA International.  Here are some of the main reasons to start today!

All MESA members agree to support MESA's tradition of industry professionals serving industry professionals by acting in accordance with our Policies & Procedures.


1. Access MESA's World-Class Intellectual Capital

As 'Thought Leaders' in the Operations Management (MES/MOM*) space, the MESA community is committed to uncovering and attacking the most pressing and demanding challenges manufacturers and producers face. As a not-for-profit organization, our findings are published for the good of the community, not for profits. This makes world-class intellectual property available to MESA members for only the cost of membership and can save our members tens-of-thousands of dollars in any given year.

But, the value of MESA extends beyond the output of our committees and working groups.  There's also value in the input, as you interact and network with MES/MOM professionals from a variety of industries around the globe.  These personal and professional connections often create lifelines for learning and best practice sharing that can help you avoid pitfalls and propel yourself forward.

Examples of MESA Intellectual Capital (MESA Resource Library, Committees, Working Groups & More!):

GuidebooksMetrics ResearchInitiatives

- Asset Performance Mgmt
- Lean
- Product Lifecycle Mgmt
- Quality & Compliance
- Real-Time Enterprise
- SOA in Manufacturing
- Metrics Framework

- Metrics That Matter
- Correlating Plant Performance to Business Performance
- Pursuit of Performance Excellence
- Metrics Strategies of Leading Performers
- Return on Investment (ROI)
- MESA Model w/ Dictionary
- Industrial Interoperability
- Network Security
- Food & Product Safety
- Continuous Process Industries
Many more!!!

*NOTE: MES/MOM = Manufacturing Execution Systems/Manufacturing Operations Management

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2. Learn through MESA's Global Education Program

The MESA Global Education Program (GEP) fills a noticeable void in industry - the lack of independent competency training in the Operations Management arena - and is building an increasingly competent pool of MES/MOM professionals to help more members realize the value of the potential trapped within their Operations. The MESA GEP reduces members' risk, time and costs of implementing and supporting MES/MOM solutions by increasing the knowledge level of internal and external project teams. It also reduces costs and time in systems selection, deployment and governance and helps members understand and more clearly articulate the value of MES/MOM solutions.

All Premium MESA members, both Solution Providers and Manufacturer/Producers, enjoy a discount of over 30% off Basic Member and non-member pricing for MESA GEP events.  But, there's more...

Premium Manufacturer/Producer Company members receive a designated number of complimentary registrations to the Global Education Program. The number of complimentary registrations received is based on the membership size (small, medium or large- see table below), as well as the type of Education Program your colleagues would like to attend.  Alternatively, Premium Manufacturer/Producer Company members are be able to apply the full cost of the membership towards a Global Education Program (GEP) in-house program. 

If Premium Manufacturer/Producer Companies don't use their credits by 9 months into your membership and have no plans indicated to HQ on how they want to use the credits, MESA reserves the right to release the credits to other employees at your organization that would like to use them who have made requests to MESA HQ.

MembershipMembership CostCertificate of Competency seats
Certificate of Awareness Seats In-House Program Membership Credits 
Premium Manufacturer/Producer Company- SMALL $2,750 1OR 1OR $2,750
Premium Manufacturer/Producer Company- MEDIUM $5,500 2OR 3OR $5,500
Premium Manufacturer/Producer Company- LARGE $11,000 4OR 6
OR $11,000

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3. Realize Operations Excellence

MESA has been 'Driving Operations Excellence' since 1992 and is well aware of the significant financial returns that can accompany successful MES/MOM projects. Returns for such initiatives can impact many different functional areas and improve the performance of many different teams and departments.

The value for member companies to educate their employees and arm them with the tools they need to not only survive in today's fast-paced, ultra-competitive global economy but to thrive in it far outweighs the cost of membership in MESA. Even modest, incremental gains in plant performance, product quality or operating visibility, reliability or responsiveness have been proven to save companies millions of dollars.  While no returns can be guaranteed, can you really afford NOT to be part of the discussion?


Download the member benefit matrix to view the full listing of
benefits by type and determine which membership is right for you.

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