Join MESA as Manufacturer or Producer

Manufacturers and Producers* from around the world join MESA because of our trusted education and networking programs that help save time, money, resources and help companies prepare for a digitally-competitive future. We educate and collaborate about best practices, trends, strategy and problem solving.

In addition to the top three reasons to joinMembership also helps you:

  • Achieve solid business results from MES/MOM or Smart Manufacturing solutions because they were properly engineered and correctly specified from project inception.
  • Obtain functionality and solutions that drive ROI from MES/MOM software or Smart Manufacturing projects while increasing system flexibility in their organizations. This benefit is especially driven from personnel being able to understand and apply the best practices that MESA has peer-reviewed.
  • Reduce staff support costs on each project because personnel and delivery partner(s) were able to be on the same page using MESA's key terms and methodologies. 
  • Specify and purchase best-of-breed IT solutions designed to their specific operating requirements. MESA education helps users understand how to contribute to the design of the installation, along with their buy-in to the new solutions that are specific to their roles, responsibilities, and departments. 


Membership TypeAnnual Cost
Basic Manufacturer/Producer Individual 
1 member with Basic privileges.
Premium Manufacturer/Producer Company - SMALL
Companies with annual revenues of less than $100 million USD.  Unlimited members with Premium privileges.
Premium Manufacturer/Producer Company - MEDIUM
Companies with annual revenues of more than $100 million USD but less than $2 billion USD.  Unlimited members with Premium privileges.
Premium Manufacturer/Producer Company - LARGE
Companies with annual revenues of more than $2 billion USD.  Unlimited members with Premium privileges.

*MESA defines a manufacturer as an entity that makes goods through a process involving raw materials, components, or assemblies. This would include any entity that brings the raw material, component, assembly, or finished good to its final destination, be it the manufacturing/producing location or to the market. Producers of software or software solutions are considered solution providers.

*All MESA members agree to support MESA's tradition of industry professionals serving industry professionals by acting in accordance with our Policies & Procedures.

Need help convincing the boss? 

If you need to make a case for corporate membership, please feel free to use these resources. They can help gain interest from additional employees and help justify membership budget: 

To have someone present MESA to your company, please contact MESA's Membership Registrar at

For registration questions, to check on the status of your MESA membership or to see if other people from your company are members, contact  +1 480-893-6883, ext 212

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