Join MESA as a Solution Provider

Solution Providers* from around the world join MESA because of the trusted programs that help drive conversations with manufacturers and producers. These conversations help solution providers uncover new needs from the industry and help build the next generation of solutions.

In addition to the top three reasons to joinMembership also helps you:

  • Substantiate your MES/MOM competency claims to prospective customers
  • Network and collaborate in a shared MES/MOM vision, maintained and delivered through a community of industry professionals
  • Get clearer, more direct market feedback by sharing in a common, end user-lead vision of the marketplace
  • Ensure - at worst case - a level playing field when in competitive engagements
  • Raise the knowledge baseline in your markets, eliminating confusion and accelerating project velocity 


Membership TypesAnnual Cost
Basic Solution Provider Individual
1 member with Basic privileges.
Premium Solution Provider Individual 
Membership available to smaller companies with up to 50 employees. 1 member with Premium privileges.
Premium Solution Provider Company Membership
Membership for companies with more than 50 employees. 5 members with Premium privileges.

*MESA defines solution providers as companies that deliver products and/or services (i.e. technology, software, intellectual capital, consultants, system integrators, etc.) in the plant-to-enterprise space.

*All MESA members agree to support MESA's tradition of industry professionals serving industry professionals by acting in accordance with our Policies & Procedures.

Need help convincing the boss? 

If you need to make a case for corporate membership, please feel free to use these resources. They can help gain interest from additional employees and help justify membership budget: 

To have someone present MESA to your company, please contact MESA's Membership Registrar at

For registration questions, to check on the status of your MESA membership or to see if other people from your company are members, contact +1 480-893-6883, ext 212

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