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We're proud of our MESA members! Learn more about them below and click here to submit your #MESAproud testimonial to get a MESAproud Logo for your business cards and website.

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MESAproud Manufacturing Intelligence Member

Uwe Kueppers, Sr. Business Consultant, Rockwell Automation  


Uwe is a leader in Digital Transformation and is interested to share knowledge on Industry 4.0 and it's challenges. He is happy to support you on your journey to becoming a connected enterprise. He truly believes the collaboration and peer-to-peer networking can provide so much to every MESA member. #MESAproud"

MESAproud Manufacturing Intelligence Member

Ann Krauss, Director of Marketing @PaperLessMFG 


Ann has been a MESA Member for 4 years and serves on the MESA marketing committee. The Paper-Less team has gained a lot of valuable knowledge and networking opportunities through MESA. Paper-Less has contributed smart manufacturing and MES articles & case studies.

MESAproud Manufacturing Intelligence Member

Brent Fischthall, Sr. Manager, Americas Marketing & Regional Sales @KohYoungTech 


Brent Fischthal voices why he is a proud MESA member. "Connectivity is challenge. In manufacturing, there are increasing pressures to be scalable, integrated, and efficient while increasing utilization. As a board member, I enjoy collaborating with like-minded visionaries to foster innovation. 

With a strong philosophy centered on integrity, creativity, and contribution, I strive to deliver value by understanding objectives and examining information to develop actionable strategies that drive relevant change. #MESAproud"

MESAproud Manufacturing Intelligence Member

Clark Dobbs, VP Supply Chain @dobberdobbs   


Clark Dobbs works/worked with Oracle ERP implementation and appreciates MESA's "Shop Floor and ERP integration activities."

Julie Fraser, Principal  @JulieFraser

"I've been a member of MESA for more than 20 years, and I've gained the most amazing network of brilliant manufacturing people around the world! I'm so grateful for the many opportunities I've had with MESA to help the industry move forward by co-creating!

I have a passion for manufacturing effectiveness, and have seen software help for 35 years. It's been my delight to see MESA and the industry grow "smarter" and always serve up something new.

I have so many dear and brilliant manufacturing software buddies all over the world as a result of my years being active in MESA. My life and my career are so much more successful and richer for that! MESA members are the BEST!"

Sanjay Desai, CEO

"MESA's information on innovations, latest trends and thought provoking insights to efficient use of energy, materials and manpower for sustainable growth in Manufacturing has been a great source for me. Various discussions and published information on the MESA website about the use of IT and automation to improve plant and people efficiencies have provided me with a good learning experience. The launch of MESA India will be of tremendous help to all of us here in India and will be a good information and knowledge sharing arena for all of us in manufacturing. Keep up the good work MESA!"

Scott Daugherty

Scott Daugherty, Director of Operations

"MESA has helped me stay current with a different kind of 5S - strategies, systems, software, standards and solutions for improved operational performance in two MES shop floor implementation projects.  My participation on a few of the working groups has been very beneficial, providing me with new information on best practices and also allowing me to network and find people who were having similar experiences to issues I was facing.  The MESA conference provided me with solid information on vendor selection and MES implementation approaches."   

Steve Kaplan, Senior MES Administrator

"As my company expanded from a single US plant to a multi-plant, international company, MESA's international footprint has provided a strong platform for learning about methodologies and metrics.  Networking with other MESA members and participating in committees, I am proud to be part of the team that has developed and shared tools for manufacturing success."

Frans Jan Wijma, Manager Technical Services

"MESA membership is, first of all, helpful to me to develop and extend a network of other MES system users and providers. Especially appropriate information and interesting suggestions come from discussions about the best way to set up business cases. The contacts with system integrators and solutions help me to keep up with general system developments and requirements of other system users. Last but not least: a lot of interesting information is available at the MESA web site."

George Maxson, Database Administrator

"The MESA Conferences provided real-time and practical information that was key to making sound decisions before and during our MES implementation. The solid foundational knowledge and research MESA provides in their Guidebooks, Whitepapers, and Webinars are instrumental to my success as the MES project leader."

John Dzelme, IT Systems Integration Analyst

"In Roche's quest for 'manufacturing excellence' status, I develop and implement systems to help achieve this goal. I use the MESA knowledge base to help design my implementations in a manner that promotes lean processes and eliminates waste. MESA has helped me on this journey by providing a wealth of information as well as a community of experts to learn industry best practices that give our organization a competitive edge."

Tonja Luther, Director of Food Safety and Quality Systems

"MESA provided me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge around plant level systems; networking with individuals from companies both big and small.  MESA membership and active participation in committees develops me personally, while at the same time helping to drive the organization."

We're proud of our MESA members! Learn more about them above and click here to submit your #MESAproud testimonial to get a MESAproud Logo for your business cards and website.

Follow the feed #MESAproud on twitter or visit our LinkedIn Group

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