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Included Activities

The program includes community discussions, conducting research, hosted webinars, and creating new content both on hot topics and stories about what’s working and what’s still to be resolved on the Smart 
Manufacturing journey.
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After this first session, most meetings will be for a topic-focused Group, covering a hot issue in that area. There will be a topic and a facilitator for each meeting, and Community members will discuss their learnings, questions, concerns, and
successes in a safe, non-commercial environment. Join the Community to be notified of the next meeting.
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GroupsTopicsNext Meeting        
MES/MOM and Its Role in Smart ManufacturingCorporate Culture for MES and Transformation. What cultural changes must occur for a company to adopt MES/Digital Transformation/Industry 4.0? Are there any? Or, is this just a continuation of what’s been done in the past?December 12
11:00am ET
Smart Connected FactoryHow does the Cloud affect current and planned operations? What part of your operations currently depend on the cloud? Are you concerned about data or intellectual property security? Where does cloud fit in your strategic or operational planning?January 9
11:00am ET
Analytics & Big DataRefining your data. “Data is the new oil. It's valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used.”  (Clive Humby, UK Mathematician and architect of Tesco's Clubcard, 2006 is widely credited as the first to coin that phrase.) So what are the steps you are taking to refine your data?January 23
11:00am ET 
Smart Connected Supply Chain Focusing Supply Chain Improvements on Customer Satisfaction. Smart supply chains can significantly improve customer satisfaction, as some examples from the last meeting showed. This time, we’ll examine approaches that help ensure that customer priorities result from the smart supply chain. Question is, must these benefits be clear in advance, or will they emerge?February 6
11:00am ET
Digital Thread/Twin Education and Experience in Early Going. Explanations and examples of Digital Thread and Digital Twin. Many companies have pushed for coherent data flows and models of products and processes, but these new concepts go beyond. We will invite some companies that can talk about what they have learned and how they got the team educated enough to succeed.February 20 
11:00am ET 


Smart Manufacturing: Continuous Improvement or Strategic Transformation is a lively session with executives from three diverse
manufacturing companies, view it here

Tips on Starting the Smart Manufacturing Journey: Download the recording here. Featuring industry executives who helped guide our first
face-to-face community discussions in a workshop. 

Smart Manufacturing Project Case Stories

We will be gathering and publishing stories about the projects manufacturers and producers have implemented on their journey
to smart manufacturing. Our goal is to publish 50 of these stories so that community members can learn from other production
companies and share those easily. When we find trends we may also create topic-focused papers based on these and the
community discussions. Share my story.


Our first workshop had over 100 participants at the 2018 MESA North American / IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology
Conference. This started the new topic-focused community discussions described above. 

We plan additional workshops at events worldwide. Community members will be instrumental in ensuring workshops include
your peers, suppliers, customers, and partners.

Online Survey

Results of our first survey show that most manufacturers have already implemented at least one Smart Manufacturing initiative,
and that the Senior Executives are typically involved. Download the report.

Additional on-line research planned for late in 2018.

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