Submit News & Events:

MESA's News posting section is a great place for you to market your organization on our website.  It's simple to do:

1. Log on to the website,, with your username and password

2. Select the "Self-Service Site" link

3. Click on "Add a News Posting"

4. Complete the form and "Submit for Approval".  

If you would like to be featured on MESA's Events page, please contact Lindsey Frick at

Submit Whitepapers, Blogs, Articles or Sponsored Content:

MESA Peer Reviewed:

"MESA Peer Reviewed" is a label for content created and/or edited by MESA Working Groups which is considered consistent and complementary to the documentation produced by MESA Working Groups.


MESA Member 'Point of View' Submitted Content:

All content submitted by members will be labeled by default "Member Point of View" - content that has been submitted to MESA but has not gone through a peer review process before being submitted and may not represent the consensus point of view from the MESA organization contained in content produced by MESA Working Groups.

This content will be reviewed by the Content Advisory Board and assigned to a working group. An editorial footnote or appendix from MESA will be added if appropriate to clarify or expand on the MESA position on the topic. The appended subarticle will be labeled "MESA Peer Reviewed" and authored by the respective MESA Working Group.

Please submit Working Group Content and Member Point of View submissions to Brandy Richardson at  

Or, if you'd like to submit paid sponsored content such as case studies, whitepapers, videos, inforgraphics, etc. please enter them into MESA's Smart Story Awards where they will be added to MESA's Resource Library and promoted throughout the year. 

Blog Post Guidelines:

Thank you for your interest in blogging for MESA. Blog once, or blog as many times as you'd like...we're happy to help you brainstorm on topics to cover.  

Here's the review and posting procedure. Fill out as much as you can (in order) and send to If you have any questions, please email Megan Calles at or contact MESA Headquarters.

  • Format: Word document or within an email
  • Images: Author can include up to 3 images. Please format for web for easy upload. Suggested size is 350px wide and 200px high (or smaller). Images can have captions up to 100 words long but captions are optional. Author must have ownership of the images, or, if using outside images please provide the appropriate copyright/reference in caption.
  • Layout: (from top down) (you can see examples of this layout at
    • Title 
    • Subtitle (optional)
    • By 'name of author', a member of MESA International (or relation to MESA or volunteer within a MESA group)
    • Body and images (350 to 750 words)
    • Related sources: MESA whitepaper #48 (If there is a MESA resource or other MESA post that is related to the topic please mention it and hyperlink to it.)
    • Bio: 150 word or less bio on the author with or without picture (optional)
    • Meta tags: Please include 5 tags that have to do with the blog post. (i.e. change management, MES, cloud security, etc.)
  • Promotion: 
    • Include 3 to 5 social network tweets (140 characters or less) at the bottom of the page for MESA staff to schedule out on our networks @MESAp2e
    • Please include your company and/or personal social network handles so we can cross promote. 
    • Include 100 word or less teaser/summary about the blog post
    • Please connect us to your company's PR representative, marketing director, or intranet/employee news representative so that we can send them a note about the author's thought leadership post for MESA.
  • Suggestions: 
    • Hyperlink industry terms to definitions
    • Hyperlink company names
    • Hyperlink people mentioned to their Linkedin Profiles if possible
We will review your blog and get back to you with edits. Please give us 2-3 weeks to get the blog post cleaned up and added to our promotion schedule. 

Speaking Opportunities and How to Get Involved in MESA

If you'd like to sign up to become a speaker, please fill out this short entry form. 

To see some of the topics and types of speaking opportunities MESA can bring to an event, check out our Media Kit and PoV Speaker Series PDF: 

Download this flowchart to learn how to take advantage of MESA content and how to add to it.