EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

In addition to our International Board of Directors, MESA has a Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) Board that guides activities in those regions.  The EMEA Board consists of the following officers:

Uwe Kueppers, Rockwell Automation - Chairman
Michael Schwarz, Schneider Electric - Vice Chairman

View the full list of MESA EMEA Board Members.

MESA Activities in EMEA

Activities are regularly organized by EMEA Board Members and regional leaders in order to facilitate exchanges between MESA members. Participants take advantage of best practices experienced by their peers.

Past EventS in 2016 :

On March 2-3, 2016, ARC Advisory Group hosted its European Industry Forum (EIF) at the MERCURE Hotel Amsterdam City in the Netherlands. MESA is a MEDIA sponsor of this event.

Participants were invited to attend a series of exclusive plenary and breakout sessions. In these sessions, users will tell the inside story of successful operations and applications, automation and IT experts will share best practices, and ARC analysts will analyze trends in manufacturing automation and IT. Furthermore end users and solution providers will have opportunities to network with their peers, exchange ideas and share experiences during breaks and the evening event on March 2, 2016.

Confirmed user keynotes:

- Arne Svendsen/Arla Foods "Building packaging lines faster, using open standards:

- Bert van Baelen/Kaneka Belgium "Excecuting Engineering Projects Using Asset Information Management (AIM)"

- Bernard Flament/Prayon on using process analytics for energy management

    ARC's European Industry Forum features dedicated workshops, offering open platforms to learn and discuss trends and developments. Workshops are planned on the following topics:

    • Cyber security
    • Asset Lifecycle Management and Smart Machines
    • Energy and sustainability
    • Smart Manufacturing, Industrie 4.0 and IIoT

    As part of the partnership with MESA International, the forum will also include

    • MESA workshop, suggested subject: IT/OT convergence and its governance with the presence of board members MESA EMEA
    • Keynote by Jan Snoeij, board member MESA EMEA on Smart Manufacturing
    • Lectures by Friesland Campina on setting standards for MES, and LVMH on implementing MES in the cosmetics industry.

    In addition to these keynotes and workshops topics, plenary industry tracks address: Open and advanced automation, Industrie 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, machine learning and analytics, ubiquitous data and new worker generations. More information is found  here.

    You are welcome to join ARC's European Industry Forum on March 2-3, 2016. For more information about attending, speaking or sponsoring, please contact ARC's EIF-Team at: +49(0) 2104 28698-87 or via email at ablech@arcweb.com.

    Manufacturers/Producers, please contact us at +49-(0)2104-28698, ext. 87 or 89, or ablech@arcweb.com to register.  Mention that you are registering on behalf of MESA to get complimentary tickets. 

    We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!


    PAsT  EventS in 2015:

    October 26th-28th: WTG European Manufacturing Summit

    Four MESA EMEA board members were attending and speaking to the event.

    June 4th : Les Assises du MES by Club-MES in Paris

    More than 200 attendees to the event where 10 manufacturers were sharing their experience in implementing a MES/MOM solution.

    More details in the "France" regional pages.

    March 4,5 : ARC European Industry Forum in Amsterdam

    In collaboration with ARC Advisory Group, a MESA workshop is held at European Industry Forum 2015.


    MES/MOM: enabling greater profitability and agility 

    The workshop consisted of short introduction to the different aspects of MES/MOM contributing to profitability and agility of manufacturing operations, and discussions on those topics, among vendors, integrators, users and analysts. 

    The workshop was facilitated by Michel Devos and Valentijn de Leeuw. 

    Previous EventS in 2014:

    December 3rd, in the context of MES-Connect event organized by "The manufacturer".

    Almost 20 people with a good percentage of manufacturers moved to Birmingham in order to exchange with Frank Polky, Lead Central Engineer from MARS Petcare on his experience in implementing and deploying an MES/MOM solution in Europe.

    Valentijn De Leeuw from ARC was clarifying the "Industrie 4.0" concept and its impact on MES/MOM.

    Michel Devos (MESA GEP Instructor) was presenting on Cyber security and Jan Snoeij (MESA GEP Instructor) on the latest MES Product Survey.

    June 4th : Round Table hosted in Cargill facility in Machelen (Belgium). Twenty people were participating to the round table. The main topic was a presentation of MES implementation within Cargill by Rik Geerts (Cargill).


    In addition, specific activities are organized by local working groups.

    MESA Working Groups in EMEA 

    Working groups are active in the following regions.  Click on the links to learn more about their activities and group leadership.