"Smart Manufacturing is the intelligent, real-time orchestration and optimization of business, physical and digital processes within factories and across the entire value chain."

Article: The Smart Manufacturing Elevator Pitch, Literally!


Video: What is Smart Manufacturing?

White Paper 52: "Smart Manufacturing - The Landscape Explained"  

This paper discusses the drivers, goals, opportunities and challenges related to the Smart Manufacturing roadmap for manufacturers. The paper also discusses initiatives by multiple organizations that bring together manufacturers, technologies and information systems, organizations like MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Systems Association), the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), Industrie 4.0, and the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC), are working on initiatives to coordinate the convergence of technologies and realize the process improvement potential sooner rather than later.

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Presentation: MESA 2016 unConference on Smart Manufacturing looklikesm.jpg

Take a peak of some of the ideas discussed on aspirations for the future of the connected manufacturing value chain. The consensus in this session was that lack of investment capital is not a major barrier. So... what are the real barriers?


 journeysm.jpgRecorded Presentation: "Smart Manufacturing - The Journey Ahead" 

 Here's a roadmap for manufacturers on how to get started on the journey to Smart Manufacturing.

  1. Review Business Structure for Future Market Strategy
  2. Establish Evolution Milestones for the Journey
  3. Nurture New Culture around New Vision 
  4. Build Partnerships to Support the New Vision
  5. Address Skills Gap for Knowledge Workers
  6. Evolve the Information Technology Infrastructure

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Article: How to Achieve Smart Manufacturing

The goals for a Smart Manufacturing infrastructure are set and the enabling building blocks are discussed including the need for adoption of standards for M2M, A2A, and B2B communications that allow secure Internet and cloud services connectivity, and new skills for the workforce that is going to establish and maintain these new infrastructures and business strategies.

Get involved in the MESA Smart Manufacturing Working Group 

Smart Manufacturing won't happen without people exchanging ideas and collaborating across the operations, automation and information technology ranks.  They're not simple discussions, but we're the right people to drive them, and we encourage you to join us.

Overcome Challenges on the Journey to Smart Manufacturing 

Article: Five Hurdles to Smart Manufacturing hurdlessm.jpg

The implementation of Smart Manufacturing information technology frameworks and applications will be essential to achieving the goals but obstacles to delivering the vision include: 

1. Data contextualization

2. Underfunded and overwhelmed IT: 

3. Change Management practices

4. Legacy IT and OT separation

5. Disparate silo systems

Article: "Smart Manufacturing Isn't So Smart Without Standards"

Communications and messaging standards spur the adoption of new technologies, products and manufacturing methods. Standards allow a more dynamic and competitive marketplace, without hampering the opportunity to differentiate. Development of standards reduces the risks for enterprises developing and implementing solutions to accelerate adoption of new manufactured products and manufacturing methods. Several contributors from NIST (National Institute of Standards) give us a summary of the state of standards needed to support Smart Manufacturing initiatives.


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