Business To Manufacturing Markup Language (B2MML)

B2MML is an XML implementation of the ANSI/ISA-95, Enterprise-Control System Integration, family of standards (ISA-95), known internationally as IEC/ISO 62264. B2MML consists of a set of XML schemas written using the World Wide Web Consortium's XML Schema language (XSD) that implement the data models in the ISA-95 standard.

Companies interested in following ISA-95 for integration projects may use B2MML to integrate business systems such as ERP and supply chain management systems with manufacturing systems such as control systems and manufacturing execution systems. B2MML is a complete implementation of ISA-95. Any company may use B2MML royalty free, provided credit is given to MESA.

B2MML V0700 is the latest version. Earlier versions are still available; however, we recommend new users use the latest version which contains enhancements based upon user feedback.

B2MML Downloads

B2MML-BatchML V0700 - All Files
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Older Versions

For reference all past versions of B2MML and BatchML are available for downloading here.

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