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Industry Professionals Serving Industry Professionals

MESA's committees, working groups and regional groups are the lifeblood of our volunteer association. They form the foundation upon which our global community is built, providing safe, non-commercial professional environments where ideas are always welcome and all contributors work to share best practices and continually move industry forward.

Within MESA, members gain when members contribute and there's always a place for dedicated professionals, like you! From Marketing to Education to Finance, our standing committees provide the core functions required to keep the organization moving forward. And, our working groups lead the important discussions and deliver the industry-renown content MESA is known for. These deliverables, available as a member benefit*, represent MESA's points of view on all the topics and challenges our community engages in addressing.

MESA regional groups draw industry professionals together to look at the manufacturing/production/Information Technologies-related challenges in specific geographical areas.  They leverage the MESA structure to share best practices and learn how to keep up with the demands of their businesses in their region.  Are the demands unique in the world?  Perhaps.  Are there existing initiatives and knowledge within MESA that can help?  Very likely so.  No matter where the answers lie, these regional groups have the ability to learn from the MESA community and drive it forward in new ways, as dictated by the needs of their regions.

We take our role in industry seriously. As Industry Professionals Serving Industry Professionals, MESA's committees, working groups and regional groups work together across all the complex dimensions of business to move the entire community forward.

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Have questions or need assistance determining the group(s) that best fit your needs?  Interested in starting a new group?

Contact Brandy Richardson or +1 480.893.6883+1 480.893.6883.

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All MESA members participating in MESA Committees and Groups agree to support MESA's tradition of industry professionals serving industry professionals by acting in accordance with our Committee and Group Policies and Procedures.

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