XML Committee

The MESA XML Committee develops and maintains the B2MML (Business to Manufacturing Markup Language)BatchML (Batch Markup Language) and KPIML (KPI Markup Language) specifications.  These specifications are XML Schema Definitions that are implementations of the ISA-95 Enterprise/Control System standard, the ISA-88 Batch Control standard and ISO 22400 Key Performance Indictators (KPIs) for Manufacturing Operations Management standards.  The committee updates and verifies the markup languages to keep them consistent with the latest ISA, IEC and ISO standards.

The XML Committee is also MESA's focal point for our membership on the Open O&M (Open Operations & Management) Initiative's Manufacturing Joint Working Group (JWG).  OpenO&M is an initiative of multiple industry standards organizations working to provide a harmonized set of standards for the exchange of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) data and associated context.  It is an open, collaborative, effort composed of diverse groups of relevant organizations and subject matter experts organized in industry specific Joint Working Groups (JWG) that are focused on enabling O&M application interoperability. The goal of the JWGs is to offer end users and suppliers a consistent set of data exchange standards that will avoid  duplication and confusion.

Committee work is done electronically, with web meetings and email, so physical travel is not required to participate.  Participation in the MESA XML Committee lets you help in the development and improvement of some of the most widely used manufacturing IT standards.  To join the committee or to send feedback on B2MMBatchML or KPIML send a request to b2mml@mesa.org.

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Chair: Dave Emerson, Yokogawa Electric Corporation

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